Coherent | OR Laser is making significant in-roads into the digital dental workflow with its CREATOR 3D metal printer for dental laboratories. Our approach has been well received across the sector and this post illustrates how the CREATOR is able to enhance the dental production workflow through its unique features and capabilities.


Making Additive Manufacturing More Accessible for an End-to-End Digital Dental Workflow Solution

First and foremost, it is the CREATOR’s highly accessible price/performance ratio that means is can be utilized as a production solution for dental laboratory applications. The benefits of metal Additive Manufacturing, specifically the capability to produce many small and precise yet complex, patient-specific parts in a single build, are well documented. However, until the CREATOR came to market in 2016, these capabilities were well beyond the financial budgets of most, if not all, dental laboratories. The CREATOR offers these high quality capabilities and make it an extremely attractive production tool within a dental lab, with value added efficiencies at an affordable price. In addition, the CREATOR has an extremely good production rate, with fast turnaround times, which is further enhanced by the requirement for only minimal post-processing activities.

Quite Literally – A Good Fit

A further unique feature of the CREATOR, which makes it so appealing to dental laboratories is its small footprint, with the intentional ability to fit easily through a standard doorway. This literally makes it the most physically accessible system in its class. The performance of the machine in terms of its reliability and the quality of the parts that are produced in dental-specific materials are further factors resulting in the demonstrable success in this market.

However, as a company, we at Coherent | OR Laser understand that the CREATOR is not a standalone solution, but rather a vital part of the solution within the dental production workflow. This is why we work with partners and collaborate. Just one example of this is the work we have accomplished with Romanian based company LABVISION. The results of this collaboration showcases the entire digital process for dental laboratories through the use of connected data and equipment, including a 3D scanner, the APP SUITE of CAM processing software, and the CREATOR itself.

Coherent | OR Laser and LABVISION for the Digital Dental Workflow

LABVISION specializes in the digital manufacturing supply chain for dental laboratories and clinics across Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. The company’s specific focus on the dental sector for many years means it has built up a wealth of expertise and technical knowledge. The company’s founder and CEO, Dr Radu Ignatescu, has more than 25 years’ experience as a dentist and thus has expert knowledge of the entire workflow, including the requirements for data capture, design software and full manufacturing capabilities, including both additive and subtractive manufacturing.

The CREATOR quickly became a fundamental part of the solutions that LABVISION is providing to its clients, fulfilling a direct need, with dental-specific materials. Moreover, because metal AM can be an intimidating process, particularly in an environment such as a dental lab, LABVISION, through its partnership with COHERENT|OR LASER, has the direct ability to support its customers through knowledge transfer and training, which has been extremely well received. The feedback being that once technicians get over the initial fear, the machine and material handling are actually intuitive and relatively easy to handle due to the safety features on the CREATOR.

The business case for LABVISION’s inclusion of the CREATOR in its dental solutions portfolio is also clear, according to Dr Ignatescu. Through intensive return on investment (ROI) analyses for different dental applications (notably the high in demand dental caps and dental telescopic bars), LABVISION can demonstrably prove that the economics add up. The full analyses can be found here.

The partnership between COHERENT | OR LASER and LABVISION is an excellent demonstrator for how two companies that are leaders in their field are supporting the evolution of digital technology and metal additive manufacturing within the dental sector across the entire workflow. Learn more about the integration of the CREATOR into the digital dental workflow.