Ready to operate any time, any place

The IQ laser was specially developed to carry out localized smaller repairs on site, for example on injection molding machines. The 5 m long glass fiber cable makes it possible to reach any location on larger moldings and components. even precision components such as turbines, medical components and rollers can be quickly repaired without complications.

There are also no limits on the materials: aluminium, steel, and copper alloys can also be processed by the IQ laser without problems. The 10‘‘ touchdisplay ensures an excellent overview and guarantees safe and precise welding.

Flexibility pays off

With the IQ laser, Or laser presents a laser welding system which sets new standards in repair welding. The experience gained by our customers in practice, in addition to several years of research and development, have been incorporated into the construction of this mobile laser system.  The IQ laser is compact, quickly ready for operation, precise, and combines the highest technical demands with practice-oriented ease of operation and enables repair welding „on the spot“.

Save time and money

Or laser has always been an ideal partner if you are looking for economic efficiency and flexibility in tool and mold making.  The new IQ laser is a complete ready-to-operate solution which can result in enormous savings for any company. In future, expensive transport costs and long downtimes can be avoided by carrying out repair work on your tools at the jobsite, at any time. This means that the IQ laser saves time and money even with low usage.

Control via touchscreen

Via the 10“ touchscreen all parameters are accessible and there are reams of possibilities to adjust important settings which can also be stored directly. Saved data can be accessed anytime.

Innovative process observation

A camera, which is integrated into the laser head, makes it possible to follow the welding progress in real time. The system also has an on-board motion sensor. Using this sensor, the small turns of the laser pistol around its optical axis can be equalized. The welder can completely concentrate on the welding, even if the laser pistol is turned a bit, so the welder sees always a straight image on the screen.


  • Diode-pumped handheld laser
  • 15 x more efficient than conventional Nd/Yag laser systems
  • Simple operation via Touchscreen
  • On-board motion sensor
  • Guide rail (optional)
  • Excellent and stable beam quality