22 08, 2016

Scanner-based laser processing of materials with the ORLAS STATION

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In the category of enclosed stationary laser systems, the ORLAS STATION from OS Laser is the best available solution for scanner-based laser processing of materials. The new ORLAS STATION lends itself to welding, marking, and

22 08, 2016

Heading for Success with O.R. Laser: Hessische Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH

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With visible satisfaction, Managing Director Markus Fischer of Hessische Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH (HWF) told us that his O.R. Laser system has been operating reliably ever since it was purchased in July 2006—between eight and

14 08, 2016

The new dimension in marking and engraving: ORLAS PORTAL

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The ORLAS PORTAL is a highly innovative and versatile enclosed laser processing station for marking, engraving, and 3D texturing. Control of The ORLAS PORTAL via new CAM software The system

10 08, 2016

OR LASER presents: New Table Top Plastic Welding System ORLAS TT

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OR Laser is now releasing “ORLAS TT”, a new tabletop plastic welding system that was specially developed for quasi-simultaneous welding of plastics for R&D or small-series production.. The Plastic Welding system allows maximum

7 08, 2016

Key Factors when Powder Cladding

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Powder cladding is a process that is widely used for repairing or improving surfaces and creating new components - also known as 3D printing or additive manufacturing. It can increase throughput and deliver high

4 08, 2016

Laser marking and engraving processes in your production

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Laser marking and engraving processes has been used very successfully for years to inscribe workpieces. These processes are fast, flexible, and economical approaches that yield superb results on a wide range of materials.

3 08, 2016

Powder Cladding – Makes Repairs affordable

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More powerful! Tougher! Simply better! These keywords of our modern life and world apply not only to us but also to the complex products with which we work and live. As a result,

30 07, 2016

ORLAS SUITE – the All in One Software Solution for Laser Applications

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3D Algorithms for Manufacturing Processes The ORLAS SUITE is optimally suited for planning and implementing production processes. All common file formats used for 3D visualization are supported, including Step, Iges, and DWG/DXF, making it

28 06, 2016

The award-winning software solution for laser applications

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The ORLAS Suite from O.R. Laser has been opening up a whole new dimension for integrated CAD/CAM environments. It is suited for virtually all facets of industrial laser processing: marking, engraving, cutting, welding, and additive

25 06, 2016

IQ Laser: Fast and economic: On-site repair welding

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Ready to operate any time, any place The IQ laser was specially developed to carry out localized smaller repairs on site, for example on injection molding machines. The 5 m long glass fiber